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Cheese of the month

Old Friends is a really tasty cheese with a delicious salt crystal.

The story behind the cheese is the result of a beautiful summer evening with a good bunch of friendly cheese lovers.

What could be better than to enjoy one of the Netherlands’ most beautiful and delicious delicacies together.

This unique old cheese is creamy and tasty spicy.

Now from €8,89 for €7,79 (500 gram)  Enter coupon code “kaas2018”


Cheese with a smile

Here at Kaaskraam, we know how to treat our cheeses – with respect, attention and lots of passion – you can rest (be) assured that our cheeses will return the favor. We offer you the best quality special and crafty cheeses

– hidden gems, full of character and with maximum taste per ounce – from different countries across Europe, for every occasion and for every budget. Order your cheese in our shop and you bet your freshly sliced cheese will arrive right at your front door


We carefully select our cheeses that are mostly made by artisanal, small-scale cheese farmers from Holland and abroad: passionate cheesemakers, who stay close to their natural product, got their story straight and want to inspire you with a unique taste of the past.

With the result: beautiful, genuine cheeses with the most sophisticated texture, aroma and taste. Cheeses that we like to share with you! We deliberately keep product range small, just like our stock. So keep a close eye on our web shop and be the first to discover new delicacies and savory flavors.

Our delightful cheeses are ready to be tasted by you!


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