Cheese Sale

We regularly have new sale items available at Kaaskraam. this changes on a daily, or weekly basis. Stay up to date with our sale products from KaasKraam and sign up for our newsletter to always be aware of the Cheese sale.

For all our product of course, fresh from the knife and vacuum packed delivered to your home when you ordered before 16:00.

Which expiry date does my cheese have?

Your cheese will be supplied by us freshly. All hard cheeses have an expiry date of at least 30 days from the moment you open the vacuum package and if kept cool (<7 degrees). All soft cheeses should be placed in a sealed plastic box in the refrigerator. These cheeses can be stored at least 8 days. On each cheese you will find a label with the exact shelf life date, the so-called best-before date.

How are the cheeses packed?

The cheese will be vacuum packed and shipped in solid, well-made boxes, which allows it to be properly transported and enables long distance deliveries. We pay great attention to the quality of our services and dare to guarantee that your cheese will arrive well. The packaged cheese is also particularly suitable to be used for gift packs and promotional gifts.

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