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Organic North Sea Cheese


This spicy, slightly sweet cheese is made in Denmark at about 500 meters from the North Sea coast. The special thing they do in this cheese warehouse is that they suck the salty North Sea air into the cheese warehouse with two large installations. This makes it a very unique cheese that is only available at select places.


Product Description

Danish North Sea Cheese (Organic)

In the Danish town of Vesterhav (North Jutland) is the cheese warehouse of the cheese makers of Thise, about 500 meters from the North Sea. In that cheese warehouse is the secret of the Danish North Sea cheese. The care for this delicious spicy / slightly sweet cheese starts before that. There are 7 bio-farmers who have their farm in the vicinity of this cheese warehouse (also close to the coast). These farmers supply their ecological milk to the cheese makers of Thise. From wich they make the North Sea cheese, which is treated with a red culture. Then after 4 weeks this cheese goes to the cheese warehouse in the fishing village Vesterhav. There, the cheese ripens for about 30 weeks in the special climate of the “North Sea” cheese warehouse. The special thing they do in this cheese warehouse is that they suck with two large installations that salty North Sea air in the cheese warehouse. The cheeses ripen under “overpressure” and that in combination with the salty North Sea air is the secret of the North Sea cheese. For curdling animal rennet is used. 


The cheese is freshly cut with a knife and vacuum packed, so we can always assure the quality. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Nutritional value per 100 grams

Energy 1696kJ / 408kcal, Fats 32.0gr – Saturated 0.0gr – Unsaturated 0.0gr – Polyunsaturated 0.0gr – Trans fatty acids 0.0gr, Cholesterol 0.0mg, Carbohydrates 0.1gr – Sugars 0.1gr, Dietary fiber 0, 0gr, Proteins 30.0gr, Salt 2,1gr.


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