Order and Shipment

At KaasKraam it is possible to have your order delivered in almost every country in Europe. Our product range includes high quality, hard cheeses that are suitable for delivery. Our cheeses are freshly cut and vacuum packed to maintain their high quality. Have you got any questions about this? Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email to info@kaaskraam.com to learn more about our order and shipment.

Order cancellation

This can only be done with orders that are planned ahead. You can cancel your order until 15:00 PM on the day or order. For cancellation, please send us an email to info@kaaskraam.com and include the reason for cancellation.

order and shipment

Shipping costs and average delivery time by country

Check out the table below for the shipping costs and average delivery time by country.




←€50→€50 – €100→€100
Belgium5,95Free from 50,-Free1 Business day
Denemark10,95Free from 75,-Free2-3 Business days
Germany5,95Free from 60,-Free2 Business days
France10,95Free from 75,-Free2-3 Business days
United-Kingdom9,50Free from 70,-Free2-3 Business days
Hungary15,9515,95Free3-5 Business days
Italy11,95Free from 80,-Free3-5 Business days
Luxembourg9,50Free from 70,-Free2 Business days
The Netherlands3,95Free from 40,-Free1 Business day
Austria10,95Free from 75,-Free3-4 Business days
Poland15,9515,95Free3-5 Business days
Slovenia15,9515,95Free3-5 Business days
Slovakia13,5013,50Free3-5 Business days
Spain12,95Free from 90,-Free3-5 Business days
Czech Republic13,5013,50Free3-5 Business days
Sweden16,5016,50Free2-4 Business days